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We took our cutting edge SLC design, trimmed away the excess, and gave it wings. The result is a 0.01 Lambda accurate Wideband O2 Controller with a digital display and best of all - it is open source. SLC Free was developed with all the professional tools and calibration gases we normally use to develop our closed sourced WIdeband O2 Controllers so you can be sure that the accuracy, response time, and quality is as good as any Wideband O2 Controller on the market.

SLC Free is easy to assemble and suitable for all experience levels. Generous component spacing, clearly marked component names and values on the circuit board and packaging, a detailed user and construction manual, means anyone can build a SLC Free kit in well under an hour. LSU 4.2 and 4.9 compatible.

Kit delivered without Bosch LSU4.9 wideband sensor!


Compatible with all fuel types

Lambda Range: 0.68[Lambda] linear to 1.36[Lambda]

0.01 Lambda accuracy without the need for any calibration

O2 Sensor Temperature Monitor 

Did you know that the most common cause of inaccuracies and premature O2 sensor failure is attributed to the O2 sensor temperature being improperly controlled? Only 14Point7 branded Wideband O2 Controllers are able to monitor O2 sensor temperature?

Linear output allows easy interfacing with gauges, fuel management systems, and dataloggers

Linear Output: 0[v]@0.68[Lambda] linear to 5[v]@1.36[Lambda], 10[AFR] linear to 20[AFR] equivalent for gasoline

Simulated Narrowband Output allows you to install a Wideband O2 Sensor in place of your Narrowband O2 sensor 

Switch point @ 1[Lambda], 14.7[AFR] equivalent for gasoline

SLC Free features an attractive 2 line backlight LCD display - displaying Lambda with 0.01[Lambda] resolution and displaying O2 sensor temperature with 1[C] resolution

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14point7 DIY Lambda Controller

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