Flex Fueling

The flex sensor does not actually measure ethanol content, but rather the water content of the fuel since ethanol is water soluble and contains a certain amount of water. This means that it is possible to get false readings from the sensor if your fuel becomes contaminated with water.

The Continental sensor outputs a 50-150Hz digital frequency with variable pulse width. The frequency of the signal determines the ethanol content, with 50Hz being 0% and 150Hz being 100%. The sensor  is also capable of measuring fuel temperature, which can be determined by looking at the pulse width of the output signal from the sensor with 1ms being -40°C and 5ms being 125°C.

MS2 settings:

MS3 settings:

After activating the input, create a gauge on the dashboard(richt click) > Sensor inputs > Ethanol percentage

As a test you can activate the port statuses > project settings > Port_status> activated

Port status of selected port under "Flex fuel settings" will blink if data received from sensor

Flex= Port E0

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