Idle Control

Both ECU's are stock equipped to run ON/OFF/PWM 2-3 wire idle valves.

Under ON/OFF the valve is on or off (open or closed).

Under PWM the curve is variable, this lets you adjust the amount of opening time as a function of temperature.

There are two ways these can be run:

  • Open loop mode (also called warmup mode) simply tells the valve to open a set amount as a function of temperature. The simplest solution and most of the time sufficient for most engines.
  • Closed Loop If the car is equiped with AC becomes interesting because in closed loop the ECU tries to maintain a set target rpm. 

As a side note Hunting&surging Idle is not necessary related to the idle settings!

  • Engines like to idle a little richer to have a smooth idle.
  • Off-course the ignition, vacuum and mechanical condition of engine has to be near perfect to have a smooth idle
  • If you need full throttle before the engines 'catches' ; first indication the REQ fuel and/or fueling is way to rich
  • Highly modified engines can suffer cold start issues and like a higher idle RPM.
  • Cold start is the most time consuming part of the tuning proces,as there is no easy way to simulate cold(er) temperatures.

Common Connections:

  • 2-wire: +12V and FDLO
  • 3-wire: +12V and FDLO or/and FDLC 

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