Ignition outputs

Depending on the board, there are 1-2-3-4-6 or 12 High Power IGBT ignition outputs.

They are operated by the MS2/MS3 processor and ground operated.

  • Passive coils(dumb coils) can be directly connected, good grounds are required!
  • Smart coils(dis coils) can also be operated by the KdFi,however additional hardware or board mods are necessary depending on user requirements.
  • SM3+ ECU's dont require modifications or additional hardware, they can run 6 passive OR 6 smart coils out of the box

-Option 1: board adjustments IGBT removal and bridging IGBT pads (gate to source) 

-Option 2: additional pull-up board available in 2 versions.


These boards are a direct fit on the original basis KdFi boards an very easy to use and instal. 

The Motronic basis has all the needed pull-ups onboard and can be activated by an easy solder jumper.

Don't forget to adjust ignition settings within Tunerstudio!

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