• SM3

SM3 module running the Feescale-XEP MCU with MegaSquirt3 firmware!

Its retro-fit-able on existing KdFi1.4 users/boards.

Not sure which ECU to choose? See our  ECU version help.

Our new SM3-module features: 

  • 6 ignition full-sequential outputs, up to 12 in batched firing
  • 6 fuel full-sequential outputs, up to 12 in wasted spark firing
  • Maxx9926 automatic dual VR-sensor conditioner
  • 1 EGT controller onboard
  • 1 wideband controller onboard
  • Double knock controller onboard
  • Usb ftdi controller onboard
  • More user-programmable inputs and outputs over the MegaSquirt2 based boards
  • Etc etc
  • All Megasquirt3 software features, are applicable
  • Tuneable with Tunerstudio free software
  • All Power stages AEC-q100/ automotive grade electronics!

At the moment we decided not to implement onboard logging capabilities, for some simple reasons:

  • expensive mm2 on PCB layout
  • more components
  • you need a pc anyway to view logs
  • once properly tuned no need to view logs

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