SM3 Black ECU! 

Our leading SM3 with a very strong feature set, state of the art electronics designed to withstand some of the toughest conditions and still provide enough I/O to precisely control and tune your engine over a high speed on-board bluetooth or USB connection!

SM3 Black features: 

  • Full sequential engine management system up to 6 Cylinders; Ignition and fuel resolution of 16X16 expandable to 32x16
  • Alloy IP65 waterproof rugged casing and 90pin connector
  • Gold plated PCB for best signal conditions
  • 6x ignition full-sequential outputs, up to 12 in wasted spark firing
  • 6x fuel full-sequential outputs, up to 12 in batched firing
  • Supports Smart & passive coils
  • Supports MAP, MAF, AlphaN & ITB engine loads
  • Individual fuel and spark trim
  • Closed loop idle and mixture control
  • Maxx9926 automatic dual VR-sensor conditioner built-in
  • VR, Hall, or optical sensors support
  • 1 EGT K-type controller built-in
  • Double adjustable knock controller built-in
  • USB FTDI controller built-in
  • Lambda controller built-in
  • Auto-tune function built-in
  • Upgradable with a second internal lambda controller

More user-programmable inputs and outputs over the MegaSquirt2 based boards:

  • Dual fuel 
  • Flex fuel
  • Dual Boost control
  • Custom PWM/On-Off outputs
  • Table switching
  • VSS/traction 
  • Multiple vanos control
  • 2 stage water/nitrous control
  • 2 step launch control
  • 16x16 resolution VE&Ignition
  • Multiple safety/diagnostic feature in case of failing sensor 
  • 2-3 wire PWM idle valve 
  • CANBus for other CAN-based devices
  • 5 Medium current outputs
  • 11 user programmable in&outputs
  • Tunerstudio free software
  • All Power stages AEC-q100/ automotive grade electronics!

SM3 ECU r1 User Manual

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SM3-Black ECU

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