Introducing the New SM3+ V2 ECU Module (FULL 8 Sequential)

Maximize your vehicle’s potential with the latest release of the SM3+ V2 ECU Module, engineered for superior performance and precision.

SM3 (upgrade) module based around the MegaSquirt3 firmware but with refind electronics!

Not sure which ECU to choose? See our  ECU version help.

Our new SM3+ V2 module features: 

  • Full sequential engine management system up to 8 Cylinders
  • Gold plated PCB for best signal conditions
  • 8x ignition full-sequential outputs, up to 16 in wasted spark firing
  • 8x fuel full-sequential outputs, up to 16 in batched firing
  • 3D 16x16 resolution fuel&Ignition software expandable to 16X32
  • Supports Smart & passive coils
  • Supports MAP, MAF, AlphaN & ITB engine loads
  • Individual fuel and spark trim
  • Closed loop idle
  • Closed loop mixture control
  • Closed loop Auto-tune function
  •  2 automatic trigger level detection inputs (VR-Hall or Optical supported)
  • VR, Hall, or optical sensors support
  • EGT K-type controller built-in
  • Double software adjustable knock controller built-in
  • USB FTDI controller built-in
  • Lambda LSU4.9 controller built-in
  • Onboard 1Gb datalogging and real time clock(RTC)
  • Retrofitable on previous KdFi/SM3 boards
More user-programmable inputs and outputs over the MegaSquirt2 based boards:

  • Dual fuel 
  • Flex fuel
  • Injector staging
  • Dual Boost control
  • Custom PWM/On-Off outputs
  • Table switching
  • VSS/traction 
  • VTT control
  • Water/nitrous control
  • Limp mode
  • Shift-Cut
  • ALS
  • Launch control
  • 16x16 resolution VE&Ignition software expandable to 16X32
  • Hall&VR sensor support
  • 2&3 wire PWM idle valve support
  • CAN-bus
  • Tunerstudio free software
  • All Power stages AEC-q100/ automotive grade electronics!

SM3+ V2 PCB Layout
SM3+ Module V2 july2024 User Manual Kperformance

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SM3+ V2 ECU Module

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