• SM3+ V2 Elite ECU

Revolutionize your racing performance with the SM3+ V2 Elite ECU standalone unit. Engineered for the rigors of the racetrack, this advanced Engine Control Unit offers cutting-edge features including 8 cil sequential ignition and fuel control for lightning-fast acceleration and precise engine performance. With dual onboard lambda sensors, GPS, and accelerometer integration, along with real-time monitoring and customizable tuning options, the SM3+ Elite ECU standalone unit empowers racers to fine-tune every aspect of their engine's performance for optimal power delivery and throttle response. Dominate the competition and elevate your racing experience with the SM3+ ECU standalone unit.

Our SM3 is smart, it will automatic revert to master USB connection as soon as the USB cable is plugged in! Without USB connection it will switch to Wifi.

It has the same rich features as our SM3+ ecu but with additional:

  • GPS Onboard
  • 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Onboard
  • Wifi Onboard
  • 2x LSU4.9 Lamba Controllers Onboard

General SM3+ V2 Elite


IP65 OEM-look Aluminium Casing

Temperature range

AECQ100 Automotive graded

Reverse battery protection

Yes, internal

Operating voltage


Operating current (ECU)

< 0.5A or 2-4A with LSU4.9 sensor(s) connected

Weight (g)



1x Automotive connector


USB or Wifi Onboard

Outputs SM3+

Injector outputs

8 protected outputs 3A, low side (Low&High Impedance supported)

Ignition outputs

8 outputs active coils 

Aux outputs

12 protected outputs 2A, low side


2 short circuit protected


Yes onboard

Input SM3+


19  13 Analog inputs 0-5V, 6 Digital inputs or additional inputs over CAN

EGT inputs

1 K-Type thermocouple controller Onboard

Knock sensor inputs

2 LSU4.9 controllers Onboard

Oxygen inputs

2  wideband 0-5V or narrowband

Trigger inputs

3 both inputs Hall ,VR or optical compatible



Flex Fuel


Sensors Inputs SM3+

Temperature sensors

IAT, CLT, Oil temperature,EGT, etc

Pressure sensors

MAP, Onboard realtime BARO, Oil pressure, Fuel pressure, AC pressure sensor,EBP,etc

Oxygen sensors

LSU 4.9 (2x Onboard controller) 


Vehicle speed sensor (VSS over GPS Data)

Fueling Outputs SM3+


8 (Full-sequential) or 16 (batched fire)

Battery compensation

User defined

Fueling strategies

VE based speed density, Alpha-N, ITB

Air charge temp.

Based on IAT and CLT

VE table

4 tables 16×16 (Load x RPM), resolution of 0.1

Individual cylinder trim


Staged injection


Additional correction

EGT correction (per cylinder), BARO, TPS vs MAP, TPS vs RPM, Warmup, Nitrous, LC, ALS, ASE, Fuel pressure, Knock sensor

Lambda based real time correction

Lambda/AFR target table

Acc. / Deceleration enrichment


Ignition Outputs SM3+

Ignition outputs

8 active coils (Full-sequential) or 16 in wasted spark

Supported trigger Patterns


Ignition angle table

4 tables 16×16 (Load x RPM), resolution of 0.1 Deg

Per cylinder trim


Dwell time battery compensation

User defined

Odd fire compatibility

Application dependent

Additional correction

CLT, IAT, TPS vs MAP, Nitrous, Idle, Knock sensor, LC, Pit limiter, ALS, Flat shift, Timers, Acc. enrichment

Knock Sensing Features SM3+



Resonant frequency range



Ignition event driven (per cylinder), knock window, user defined gain


Ignition retard and/or fuel enrichment (per cylinder), dashboard indication

Idle Control Output SM3+

Control type

PWM solenoids (2,3 wires)

Control strategy

Open / Close loop cranking and warm-up duty

VE correction



AC clutch, coolant fan, analog input, ignition angle based

Boost Control Features SM3+

Boost ref and target tables

2 sets 8×8 (TPS vs RPM)

Control strategies

Open / Closed loop (PID based)



Traction Control Features SM3+

TC strategy

VSS % slip,Perfect run(RPM), Switch input

Torque reduction

Spark retard or cut, Fuel cut, Boost cut

Sensitivity control

Software or switch input

Variable Valve Timing Features SM3+

Supported systems

VVTi, MiVec, VANOS, Double Vanos,VarioCam etc

Number of camshafts


Control strategy

PID based closed loop, CAM angle target tables 8×8

Flex Fueling Features SM3+

Ethanol content measurement


Fuel temperature measurement


Tables blending

VE, IGN, Lambda/AFR, Boost, Cranking fuel, ASE, Warmup

Fuel temperature PW correction


Racing Features SM3+



Shift light

Per gear shift light up to 6 gears

Launch control

Yes,variable,2 or 3 step

Flat Shift

Yes VSS and/or Switch

Pit limiter


Rolling anti lag


Sequential Shift Cut

Yes, Input or Auto-shift by RPM, Solenoid output

Engine Protection Features SM3+

Fail safe values for critical sensors


Dashboard indication of failures

Yes, user defined

Over temperature engine protection

Yes, user defined

Low oil pressure protection

Yes, user defined

Fuel pressure protection

Yes, user defined

High exhaust temperature

Alarm, per cylinder fuel trim, boost limit

CANbus Feature SM3+

CAN standard

250, 500, 1000 kBps 11 or 29 bits

Supported CAN Dashes


Supported CAN streams

Multiple User definable

Other Features SM3+ 

Unused injection outputs can be used as AUX output


Unused ignition outputs can be used as AUX output


Output functions

Fuel pump, coolant fan, Programmable outputs, nitrous control, PWM 3D table outputs, AC clutch, main relay, speedometer, tachometer etc


Fuel, Ignition, Boost, 2 closed loop programmable outputs



Built in trigger scope

Tooth,trigger,composite, sync diagnostic

Data Logging

Onboard 1Gb with RTC (real time clock, battery maintained)


Digital 3-Axis accelerometer (X-Y-Z)


>10Hz Refresh rate of : Alltitude, Latitude, Longitude and Speed


Secured Onboard Wifi connection


Included products:

  • "Wire-in" connector + 90 crimp terminals
  • User Manual
  • Stickers & goodies
  • 1.5m Pre-crimped USB cable
  • 20cm Pre-crimped thermocouple connection kit
  • Active GPS Antenna (magnetic)
  • Mini Wifi Antenna

All ECU’s are build to order and fully tested before shipping out within 48hours.

USB Driver
SM3+ V2 ElitE ECU r1 User Manual Kperformance

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SM3+ V2 Elite ECU

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