OEM Chip Tuning

The manufacturers set the engines to a certain value as standard. We determine new settings based on the technical data of the engine (turbo, fuel pump and powertrain). We want to get out what's inside in a safe way. When we tune the engine, improved drivability is just as important to us as increasing power and torque.

Manufacturers supply engines in various models. The motors are designed in such a way that they fit into multiples product ranges. From a cost point of view, one engine block is therefore supplied in various power versions. This creates margins that we use.

All recent engines are equipped with advanced injection technology. In recent years, more common rail technology with piezo injectors have been used in diesel engines and direct injection is increasing in petrol engines. A lot of knowledge and experience is therefore necessary for tuning. As you can see, we have over a decade experience in Stand-alone-ECU (Maxx,Megasquirt,SM3) tuning and hardware designing. 

Pricing starts from €199 

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