Delivery Information

Delivery & transport
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This page was last modified on April 2018.

  1. The method of transport is exclusively determined by the buyer up on checking out. Delivery normally takes place within 5 days, but always within 1 month after receiving your order, unless the item is no longer in stock or in case reasons beyond our control. Delivery will be made to the address you specified with your order (your own address, the address of a neighbor, friend or work). Picking up your order is possible only by appointment.
  2. If an item is no longer in stock, you will be notified. An item that is not in stock will be delivered as soon as it is available again, without additional costs, unless it is a joint order. If, due to circumstances beyond our control, items or replacement items cannot be delivered (anymore), your order will be canceled and you will be informed.
  3. When items cannot be delivered (anymore) due to reasons beyond our control, we will in certain cases supply replacement items with the same or better properties at the same or a lower price. You can use such a replacement item.
  4. If we deliver one order in several partial deliveries to you, only half of the shipping costs will be charged for the subsequent delivery (s), unless the contrary is apparent from the offer.
  5. We can in no case be held liable for damaging or late delivery: our responsability ends, when we hand over the parcel to the selected shipping company.
  6. Free shipment available if order total above €1000.
  7. Classic and free shipments are insured up to € 520,you make a choice at your own risk!
  8. Extra Insuranced/fast shipping methode at a flatrate of €39.99 worldwide includes insurance coverage up to € 2000,you make a choice at your own risk!
  9. Articles are supplied by us "as is", in the packaging supplied by the manufacturer or importer, at the door of the specified delivery address or in accordance with our further instructions on our website. Installation or assembly is not included in the scope of delivery