Pre-Start checks

Before starting we advice you to follow  our quick checklist, quite simple but important tests and checks!

  • Be sure you have established stable communication with the ECU. Wired or wireless. ECU needs external 12V power
  • Calibrate your used sensors under tools in Tunerstudio; MAP,thermistors,TPS,wideband etc
  • Setup basic engine settings; trigger angle & pattern, req fuel etc
  • If necessary you can test/toggle outputs under Tunderdtudio->test modus; Fuelpump, ignition, injectors, idle & boost valves, spare outputs etc can be tested with a non-running engine.
  • If you feel comfortable in between, to attempt a first start two options are available:

Psycho nothing to loose methode:
  • Just crank it and see what happens :-D

Safe methode
  • Verify your base engine settings:
  • Crank it with disconnected fuel pump , and log  you trigger/tooth pattern with the Tunerstudio logger
  • Verify trigger -angle, -pattern and -edge. 
  • Verify ignition outputs single,wasted,cop coils
  • Use the calculator for the base fuel requirements
  • If you need full throttle before the engines 'catches' ; first indication the REQ fuel and/or fueling is way to rich

                                If all those are correct, connect everything again  and start engine!

                                    You should have a startable engine; ready to do some tuning.

If not try scrolling trough the FAQ section.

Be sure to make a log before contacting us, send both the LOG and MSQ file by email.

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