Engine Speed Measurements

VR  Sensor:

The measurement via VR sensor is the most widespread way in Europe for car engines. An AC voltage is induced in the coil of the VR sensor by a metal wheel with 60-2 or 36-1 cogs. A specialised component performing an auto-adaptation to the different sensors is integrated in the kdFi V1.4. In this way the potentiometers don’t need to be adjusted any more. Ensure the polarity of the wiring, VR sensor are most accurate on rising edge!

VR Pinout:

  • VR "+"
  • VR "-"
  • Shielding

HALL sensor:

Hall's are almost exclusively a three wire sensor. The sensor itself acts as a switch in the presence of a magnetic field.

With different Hall sensors you possibly need a Pull- resistor of 1k to 10k ohm between signal and +5V or 12V

HALL Pinout:

  • +5V or 12V
  • Ground
  • Singal out to ECU

Overview of output signals between sensors:

Hall Effect or Reluctor? - Haltech

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