• ECU Wiring & Installation Service

Universal "Wire-in" a custom ECU wiring harness made specifically for your car. This option is common in competition or full swapped vehicles.

Creating a Wiring Loom is a complex process, the term: "If you think its expenssive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur" is applicable to wire harnesses!

Over the years we've seen HORRIBLE wiring jobs, cars catching fire, messed up signals or plain not starting!

What we are trying to explain is; The wiring are the vains of the whole EFI-system, mess it up and the whole system will not operate like it should...

If you still want to tackle the wiring your self, here are some tips:

  • Use appropriate wiring sections
  • Use where needed shielded cables
  • Pre-route your harness before cutting, crimping or adding heatshrink
  • Never use braided sleeving or tapes in the engine bay (fire hazard)
  • Never solder in automotive looms (metal fatigue will break your solder connections)
  • Use the correct in-crimp splicers!
  • Use flame retardant heatshrink and/or kapton tape
  • (Shrink) Label all connectors

Additional info:

  • Charged per/hour
  • No parts included

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ECU Wiring & Installation Service

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