KdFi Trigger Sync Issues

Before contacting us with trigger errors and/or issues.
Make a log an verify potential sync reasons.

A bad 60-2 example below:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 60-2 megasquirt log

0 = no problem
1 = init error
2 = missing tooth at wrong time
3 = too many teeth before missing tooth (last)
4 = too few teeth before missing tooth (last)
5 = 1st tooth failed test
6 = nonsense input (last)
7 = nonsense input (mid)
8 = too many teeth before missing tooth (mid)
9 = too few teeth before missing tooth (mid)
10 = too many teeth before end of sequence
11 = too few teeth before second trigger
12 = too many sync errors
13 = dizzy wrong edge
14 = trigger return vane size
15 = EDIS
16 = EDIS
17 = didn't received the second trigger when expected in wheel mode

Possible causes and solutions:

  • Onboard DIP switches not in the correct configuration
  • Sensor(s) not alligned/gapped properly
  • Sensors not timed properly (sequential) 

The KdFi is however equipped with a special auto regulated VR filtering IC, if problems persist;

  • Check grounds
  • Check ignition input edge
  • VR-Sensor are most accurate on Rising Edge trigger front
  • Try adding a 10K ohm resistor inline with the VR-sensor + line. 
  • Check 5V incase of HALL sensors

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